2 July 2014

As a former special education teacher, I have always felt that special education and related services MUST be provided to all children with disabilities so that they receive the necessary skills to eventually learn how to be independent.  I also believe that EVERY child is capable of benefiting from an education if given the proper services.  Far too often schools fail in providing special education services resulting in special needs children not receiving an appropriate education.

When developing the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Congress recognized the need to place at all stages of the education process, procedural protections to ensure substantive procedures can be carried out.  It is important to remember that the major principle of the IDEA is to provide education to ALL children who meet the age eligibility requirement.  Moreover, this education will be one that is free, individualized and appropriate to the child’s needs and in an appropriate setting.

The attorneys at Liu & Naime understand that there are times when parents disagree with the school district’s assessment of their child.  That sometimes the potential a parent sees in their child isn’t shared by the school district.  That sometimes the parent knows how to expose this potential through innovative and personal techniques the school district doens’t recognize and won’t try.  We understand and will always be on your side. We have the experience and compassion to advocate for your child’s needs.  Let us help you help your child.


  • angela says:

    17 yr. old son with Visual Motor Impairment drowning across subjects, losing interest in school, finding it hard to turn in major assignments. Behavior starting to get negative.

    How do I help him? He has a 504. Totally infective. He can’t get better than a C. Has failed miserably. Painful.
    Mrs. Washington

  • angela says:

    Is there anybody out there who can direct me to resources or help for a good kid who is drowning in school? Has a 504. Not achieving. Has had vision therapy with some success. ADHD a factor. Wastes time in class.

    Mrs. Washington

  • Sue Wheeler says:

    HI, I’am in need of a Lawer here in Jasper Alabama.You are too far away for me . Can you advise me of a Lawyer here in Alabama?

  • vidans castro says:

    i am a 24 year old male with dyscalculia and was diagnosed at 23 years old with this learning disability. I am attempting to get into University of Redlands and am having trouble because of my learning disability. What are my rights please?

  • Melanie Koziar says:

    I am currently seeking help for my 5 year old boy how has been daignosed with high functioning autism. Currently I have been going through behavioral assessments provided through the regional center, and waiting for in home services to start. At the same time I am dealing with his lack of ability to access the general curriculum, and needs a behavioralist or a one-on-one in the class room. He elopes from the aide and teacher frequently on a daily basis, and the school is dragging their feet with their own processes. Meanwhile my son is suffereing and falling further behind. I need legal assistance that isn’t going to send me soaring into debt as a single mother. Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can speed up this never ending process that won’t also put me in financial ruin?

  • Patricia says:

    I have a 9 year old named Oliviain the 3rd grade has been diagnosed with MR has had speech,OC Adapted PE and she goes to her home schoo and it is a charter school they only offer resource clalsses they only pull her out of her Gen. Ed. class you can call it mainstreaming i would like to know if there is anything I can do to change this school to provide all the accomodations my daughter needs instead of pulling her out of this school and having her bussed some several miles away when she has a school about 60 feet from home. HELP< please.

  • michele marino says:

    need help. have friend with 10th grader son, being targeted and constantly suspended from school. seems that vice principal is on his every move and fabricating incidents. Come to find out child can’t’ read or write. believe maybe school is trying to create a behavioral issue pattern in order to shun responsibility for having failed in properly educating him. he was suspended without an informal conference, but vice principal claims in writing that this was provided. he suspended him for the 5 days without the informal conference, and the superintendant is already considering expulsion although he has not been provided opportunity to present his side, or to challenge the suspension. He did not do anything that constitutes suspension or expulsion and they are acting as if he committed a major crime when he did not. this kid needs to be further tested and they need to be willing to educate him for the remainder of his time here and at least provide a path for him to learn to read. they should be ashamed of their juvenile and selfish behavior in treating a kid like this. he is a special ed kid, and instead of assessing for further disabilities and offering the proper services, he is constantly being suspended, picked on, harrassed. how can he win when the principal isn’t interested in providing an education? We need serious help and fast!!!! Tomorrow is his manifestation meeting and i don’t even know what i should be looking for or requesting but i will look at the IEP, inquire about what services are provided to him, request further testing, an IEE, and a copy of special ed procedural safeguards. Any more suggestions?

  • julie says:

    school dist trying to take our child away to residential he is high functioning high iq and 1 to 2 grades ahead by my home schooling, they refuse to let us because we took him out of residential after being hurt and bruised head to toe by staff menber there. HELP

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