4 July 2014

Recently, a client asked me whether or not having an experienced attorney makes a difference.  Is it enough for an attorney to know what the law says?  Does  knowing the mind set of a special education teacher matter?  Too often I have seen Parents spend thousands of dollars on inexperienced attorneys.  While deciding to hire an attorney to advocate for your child is an important first step, it is important to make sure you choose the right one.  How much special education experience does your attorney have?  Does he or she understand the emotions involved in raising a special needs child?  Does your attorney understand the importance of an appropriate education?  How much trial experience does your attorney have?  If your attorney is inexperienced with conducting a trial, will he or she “sell you out” to settle your case quickly?  These are just some of the many important questions you must ask in determining whether you plan to entrust your child’s future in the hands of an attorney.

At the Law Offices of Liu & Naime, we have the experience necessary to ensure a positive outcome.  We are former special education teachers, we are parents of special needs children, we are compassionate to the needs you have when dealing with a bullying school district, and lastly, we are experienced trial attorneys.  Feel free to call us and see the difference having an experienced attorney can make.

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